Leeds Book Awards update

LBA logoWow! 28 children put forward their names to participate in the this years Leeds Book Awards, unfortunately only 8 children are able to take part.

They are:

  • Ellie (Yr 6)
  • Hannah (Yr 6)
  • Kea (Yr 6)
  • Nia (Yr 5)
  • Gemma (Yr 5)
  • Rachel M (Yr 5)
  • Patrick (Yr 5)
  • Lewis (Yr 5)

Congratulations all!

If you did not get selected please don’t be too disappointed, Year 6 you may have the opportunity at High School (11- 14 & 14 – 16 categories) and Year 5 perhaps try again next year.

Also watch out for Read For My School (reading competition) and the Kate Greenaway Medal more information coming soon.


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