Geek Girl – Holly Smale Author Event

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A group of Year 6 girls were very lucky to be invited by Year 7 and Year 8 pupils at Allerton High to join them in a very special event this afternoon with author of the Geek Girl series, Holly Smale.

DSCN2034Due to Miss Whiteley being over keen the children arrived a little early but actually this worked out really well as Holly was already there and chatted with the girls about books and what they liked to read and answered lots and lots of questions. She also invited them to stay behind at the end of the event and come aboard her tour bus!

DSCN2035Once everyone else had arrived the event began. Holly spoke to the girls about how she became an author, about her books and answered questions on everything to what inspired her to her favourite colour. She then spent time talking to the girls individually while she signed their books.

At the end once everyone had left with the exception of ACE, Holly true to her word led the children outside where they posed with her for photos in front of the tour bus and then went on the bus for a look around.

What an amazing afternoon.


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