Tony Peek Visit

Today, Tony Peek visited school again. Back in September Tony spent the day working with Year 2 and this time it was Year 5.

Tony told tales, performed some of his poems and the children had the opportunity to ‘play’ with words and to create their own Haiku poems.

Tony reciting Poetry and sharing ideas for their poems






 Performing The Sloth Poem with Tony and working on their Haiku poems






In the afternoon a small group of children continued their creativity focusing on the theme of space and wrote some wonderful poems.

More Haiku poetry, rhyming poems and even a rap written by Ramtin











The finished poems complete with illustrations









Book Signing Session






World Book Day

See the source image

This year our theme is Share a Story.

Children are invited to bring in a book from home that they would like to share with a friend, a classmate, their teacher or perhaps even someone from another class or year.

Amongest other celebrations in the classroom, there will be separate WBD quizzes for KS1 and KS2 children where children will be playing in teams, Miss Whiteley will be sharing lots of stories during library sessions and every child will be given a World Book Day voucher which can be swapped for a World Book Day Book*.

*Books are available in Sainsbury (Moor Allerton), The Little Bookshop (Chapel Allerton) and branches of Waterstones and other participating retailers.

Book Club

This week the club members continued with their graphic novel, wrote book reviews, started a Leeds Book Awards Display and held a heated discussion about one of the shortlisted books; Dragon Daughter which ended in a drama duel!

Heated Debate

The Graphic Novel Team hard at work

Working on the Leeds Book Awards Display


World Book Day – 7th March

World Book Day is almost here!

We will be celebrating all things bookish on Thursday 7th March.

As part of the celebrations everyone will receive a World Book Day voucher which you can use to claim your special World Book Day Book from participating bookshops and supermarkets.

The books this year are:

Image result for 2019 World Book Day £1 books

More information about the other celebrations will follow soon.

Harry Potter Book Night

On Wednesday 54 children from Years 5 and 6 spent the evening at ‘Hogwarts’. Upon arrival the sorting hat decided which house they would each be in. Then each house led by a Professor visited a carousel of activities; they held owls, read extracts from Harry Potter books, searched for clues to complete the Maraurder’s Map Scavenger Hunt, visited Honeydukes, had their faces painted and even created potions!

House points were awarded and at the end of the evening once assembled back in the Great Hall the winning House was named…….


Thank you to all the children for attending this event and a special big thank you to all the staff that helped.






Book Club – 30th Jan

This week saw the club reading, writing reviews and more work done on the graphic novel.

Much fun was had working in teams to complete the scavenger hunt and to finish off a round of book themed charades.

Reading the 1st Clue






Where is the next Clue?


Fast and furious book charades – lots of competition as to which team will win

Book Club

On Wednesdays after school Miss Whiteley is running a Book Club for children in Year 5 and Year 6.

At our very first meeting the children decided who would like to participate in the Leeds Book Awards and who wanted to work on a project.

Seven children decided that they wanted to sign up for the Leeds Book Awards and chose the first book to read while the other four children decided that they would like to create their own graphic novel. They looked through comics and graphic novels in the library for inspiration and then started to plan their own.

The second half of the meeting was spent playing a game of guess who’s book.


Checking out the Leeds Book Awards Books


Comics and Graphic Novels

Leeds Book Awards

The following books have been shortlisted for this year’s Leeds Book Awards

The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day  Image result for the children of castle rock  Image result for dragon Daughter

Image result for the chocolate factory ghost   Image result for brightstorm  Image result for the house with chicken legs


How to take part in this year’s awards

  1. Let Miss Whiteley know that you would like to participate
  2. Read the six shortlisted books
  3. Write your review on the Leeds Book Awards website
  4. Attend the meetings to discuss/debate books
  5. Vote for your favourite book
  6. Attend the Awards Ceremony (to find out the winning author)

For more information about the awards please see Miss Whiteley and visit