Author adopted by Year 5

Year 5 have adopted an author!

Charlotte Haptie has written several books, one of which, Granny Grabber’s Wizz Bang World has been shortlisted for this year’s Leeds Book Awards.

Year 5 will be reading some of Charlotte’s books and will be able to ask her for some tips on writing.

Visit Charlotte’s website for more information about her books

 granny Grabbers  Granny Grabbers Daring Rescue

Leeds Book Awards – Granny Grabbers’ Wizz Bang World by Charlotte Haptie

granny Grabbers

This is the story of Deliah Smart, a little girl who’s parents are far too busy to look after her so they order a childcare robot. Granny Grabbers the robot is supposed to just look after the ‘child unit’ and undertake household duties but Granny Grabbers’ has other ideas…..

Have you read this book? What did you think?