Emily Diamand Author Event

This afternoon 17 children from Year 5 attended a special author event at Allerton High School. The session had been organised by a group of pupils from Allerton High in conjunction with the Ilkley Literature Festival.

Emily, first talked to the children about how she became a author and about writing. The children then embarked upon a creative writing workshop, developing characters and writing their own stories which at the end of the session were produced into books!

DSCN1906 DSCN1910

DSCN1908  DSCN1912DSCN1913DSCN1911


If you would like to discover Emily Diamand’s books for yourself or would like to find out more information then you could visit her website


Miss Whiteley also has some copies of one of her books, Ways to See a Ghost in the school library.


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