Book Club

This week the club members continued with their graphic novel, wrote book reviews, started a Leeds Book Awards Display and held a heated discussion about one of the shortlisted books; Dragon Daughter which ended in a drama duel!

Heated Debate

The Graphic Novel Team hard at work

Working on the Leeds Book Awards Display


Harry Potter Book Night

On Wednesday 54 children from Years 5 and 6 spent the evening at ‘Hogwarts’. Upon arrival the sorting hat decided which house they would each be in. Then each house led by a Professor visited a carousel of activities; they held owls, read extracts from Harry Potter books, searched for clues to complete the Maraurder’s Map Scavenger Hunt, visited Honeydukes, had their faces painted and even created potions!

House points were awarded and at the end of the evening once assembled back in the Great Hall the winning House was named…….


Thank you to all the children for attending this event and a special big thank you to all the staff that helped.






Book Club – 30th Jan

This week saw the club reading, writing reviews and more work done on the graphic novel.

Much fun was had working in teams to complete the scavenger hunt and to finish off a round of book themed charades.

Reading the 1st Clue






Where is the next Clue?


Fast and furious book charades – lots of competition as to which team will win

Book Club

On Wednesdays after school Miss Whiteley is running a Book Club for children in Year 5 and Year 6.

At our very first meeting the children decided who would like to participate in the Leeds Book Awards and who wanted to work on a project.

Seven children decided that they wanted to sign up for the Leeds Book Awards and chose the first book to read while the other four children decided that they would like to create their own graphic novel. They looked through comics and graphic novels in the library for inspiration and then started to plan their own.

The second half of the meeting was spent playing a game of guess who’s book.


Checking out the Leeds Book Awards Books


Comics and Graphic Novels

Leeds Book Awards

The following books have been shortlisted for this year’s Leeds Book Awards

The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day  Image result for the children of castle rock  Image result for dragon Daughter

Image result for the chocolate factory ghost   Image result for brightstorm  Image result for the house with chicken legs


How to take part in this year’s awards

  1. Let Miss Whiteley know that you would like to participate
  2. Read the six shortlisted books
  3. Write your review on the Leeds Book Awards website
  4. Attend the meetings to discuss/debate books
  5. Vote for your favourite book
  6. Attend the Awards Ceremony (to find out the winning author)

For more information about the awards please see Miss Whiteley and visit


Exciting news – We have our very own Free Little Library

This morning our Free Little Library was installed with the assistance of four of the School Council, Niah, Edward, Kevin and Maddie.

School Council together with feedback from their classmates have been working on this project this term.

The purpose to encourage more children to read outside of school

Below are some photos of how the Free Little Library was installed.


Digging the hole and making sure that the post is the correct length





Putting in the waterproof seal around the door

Fixing the box to the stand

Can you guess the theme?











Putting on the roof




Now we just need to put on the door handle and catch








Filling up our new Free Little Library




It’s Finished!

What is a Free Little Library?

The purpose of a Free Little Library is to encourage and promote reading by providing the local community with access to books.

How do I use the Free Little Library?

The Free Little Library is a book exchange where people can borrow a book, take one or leave suitable books (in good condition) for others to enjoy.

When using it please ensure that you are supervising your child/ren.

Please look after our Free Little Library, after use make sure that the door is closed and if it is a windy day please make sure the catch is in place.

If you have any questions regarding the Free Little Library please contact Miss Whiteley.

Moor Allerton Library Visits

This week (on Monday and on Tuesday) Year 6 children had the opportunity to visit Moor Allerton Library.

First the children learnt a little about Leeds during World World II and then participated in three activities. Afterwards they browse and chose a book each.






Looking at books and a map of Leeds that was in the German’s possession.







What would you take in your suitcase?