Marked Manuscripts Submitted


The Young Editors have been working really hard this week trying to finish reading through the manuscripts. It has all been a bit of a rush because of the Easter holidays, still Mrs Johnston and Miss Whiteley were confident that the Young Editors would finish in time and they have!

Five groups have been reading A Perfectly Ordinary School by Jeremy Strong and  another 5 groups have been reading The Girl with the Sunshine Smile.

All the groups thoroughly enjoyed reading the manuscripts and can’t wait for the nextones to become available.

Miss Whiteley posted off the manuscripts to publisher Barrington Stoke this afternoon.

For more information about Barrington Stoke or the Young Editors Scheme please visit

Young Editors


Today Mrs Johnston and Miss Whiteley started a new club on Wednesday lunchtimes from 12.30pm – 1pm.

The club is Young Editors (Barrington Stoke organised) and members are a mix of children from years 3/4 to year 6.

The purpose of the club is to provide the opportunity to read and mark unpublished manuscripts. These will often be manuscripts by well known authors.

The object is to take it in turns to read sections of the manuscript, make any amendments, correct spelling errors, decide on where a picture might be suited and score each chapter out of 10. Once the manuscript is read in full an overall mark out of 10 is given. The manuscripts are then ‘uploaded’/posted to the publisher Barrington Stoke for consideration.

The two manuscripts that are currently being read are:

A perfectly Ordinary School by Jeremy Strong and The Girl with the Sunshine Smile by Karen McCrombie.